On Books and Bibliomania

There are 10,000 books in my library, and it will keep growing until I die.  This has exasperated my daughters, amused my friends, and baffled my accountant.  If I had not picked up this habit in the library long ago, I would have more money the bank today; I would not be richer.                   Pete Hamill

Alas, where is nature so weak as in the bookstore?          Henry Ward Beecher

Never lend books for no one ever returns them; the only books I have in my library are ones other folks have lent me.     Anatole France

Author: abookwomansholiday

The perfect holiday for a lifelong reader is one with a stack of books and few distractions. Retiring after three decades as a bookseller, I look forward to reading my way through the stacks and shelves and lists of books waiting for me. This blog will be something of a grab bag or commonplace book of reviews, quotations, notes on the history of books, the contemporary book trade, and anything connected with books and language. Reading is a great pleasure. Thinking and talking about books multiplies and intensifies that pleasure.

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