Snowbound Books – A U.P. Bookstore

This is a great small bookstore in Marquette Michigan .  My husband and I found it on an earlier trip to the UP and looked forward to visiting it again this Fall.  We were enjoying the Autumn color, img_0478img_0455

but we know what’s coming.  It’s important to lay in supplies!

Author: abookwomansholiday

The perfect holiday for a lifelong reader is one with a stack of books and few distractions. Retiring after three decades as a bookseller, I look forward to reading my way through the stacks and shelves and lists of books waiting for me. This blog will be something of a grab bag or commonplace book of reviews, quotations, notes on the history of books, the contemporary book trade, and anything connected with books and language. Reading is a great pleasure. Thinking and talking about books multiplies and intensifies that pleasure.

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